Hey, It's me. Jeff.

serious bytes

Currently, I work at X (formerly Google[X]) on a confidential project exploring program synthesis and reimagining software engineering with machine learning.

Previously, I was an engineer at an AI startup, Cohere, where I led data infrastructure and data quality work – building resilient data pipelines for Transformer-based neural networks and supporting applied research on the safety and capabilities of large scale generative models.

In the past, I've built web/iOS apps and factory software at Tesla for managing the machine that builds the machines. I helped rollout our software for the opening of Giga Shanghai. I also spent time at Shopify where I worked on Kubernetes ingress and routing infrastructure for a fleet of 50+ clusters and worked on Sections Everywhere, the biggest update to the Online Store Editor in the history of the company. Here's a talk I did about some of it.

In university, I completed coursework in {software, electrical, control, chemical} systems and have a degree in electrical & computer engineering. There were times in my course where I felt like I may have bit off more than I could chew (I was also just 2 credits shy of a minor in geography and environmental science) but I walked away with a wonderful interdisciplinary worldview of how different systems co-exist and became a little bit closer to understanding our universe. I spent my spare time building robots. Sometimes useful ones but also countless less useful ones.

silly bits

Everything I build has a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is clear because the existence of the thing makes life a little better for someone. Occasionally, the thing itself has no utility. Its purpose is to simply exist when no can fathom why anyone would put this much effort into willing something so dumb into existence. It's a shower thought come to life. A pun taken way too far. A commitment to the bit.