I'm Jeff. I'm a software engineer studying electrical & computer engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦. I'll be graduating in April 2021!

I've been fortunate to work with a bunch of really smart people at some really cool places:

I'm also really passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge about work and my pastimes! Most recently, I did a conference talk about Doing unique things in GraphQL. Before working in tech, I've worked a variety of instructional part-time/full-time jobs relating to my hobbies! I've been a:

Right now, I'm back in school for my last year of my degree. I like to spend my free time playing with my dog, working out (calisthenics/climbing), transcribing popular songs to piano, and playing Starcraft 2.

For more information on my professional work, you can check out my resume.