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Why? A Personal Journey

Personal1 min read

I was always interested in asking “why”-- about everything. My curiosity naturally drew me towards the sciences to help me make sense of our physical world.

I participated in many science and math extracurriculars that exposed me to different ways humans measure our world and the tools we have to aggregate it. I explored this concept further into university when I began to study process technology where I gained technical depth and lab experience in chemistry as well as the instrumentation and processes that humans used to accurately measure them.

After an internship in the energy industry and some basic coursework in electronics and physical sciences, it was apparent to me that humanity has become very good at collecting data around us. The more pressing task was to take all the enormous amounts of data we gather and analyze them effectively to allow us to make decisions and solve problems. What this meant to me was that in order for me to be on the forefront of helping solve these problems, I needed to develop a different skill set. With this refreshed mindset, I switched my university concentration to computer engineering where I can focus on building systems to allow us to make sense of data to continue solving life's problems.

Currently, in addition to my academic coursework, I've taken on roles at high growth companies to bring about positive change within our society and to develop my software engineering skill set further.