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Here are some of tech-related personal projects and community projects I've done in the last few years. I also like to create music (mostly on piano) and multimedia projects but most are currently not online.


WorkPls - Your Bestfriend for Finding Work Quickly - A Chrome Extension that allows you to fill common fields on a job app once to autofill for your job applications!

Mutating Highly Dynamic Data (ByteConf GraphQL 2020 Talk) - My first conference talk! I (virtually) spoke at ByteConf GraphQL 2020 about polymorphic data structures and the challenges with mutating them in GraphQL.

RUHacks Workshop Host - I taught a bunch of students how to deploy a Flask app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk on Twitch! First time teaching something on livestream!

Debugging for Everyone (Lightning Talk) - I spoke at Shopify about creating cross-team debugging tools with some fun examples from video game development (I wanna do a extended version of this talk publicly at some point).


Coatcheck - I really wanted to buy a jacket so I made a cloud service to let me and 100 of my closest friends know when it restocked.

OSS and GraphQL (Lightning Talk) - I did my first technical talk this year! It was a small internal talk at Shopify but I learned a lot about how to frame technical talks for different audiences and gave me a MUCH bigger appreciation for those who do like 123091 conference talks a year!

Blogs - I've helped set up numerous blogs and static sites using a variety of CMS/platforms/languages according to the current “blog meta” (ie. Wordpress, Jekyll, Flask Jinja, GatsbyJS, Hugo)

Intervals - A toy implementation of a range library allowing you to add, delete and get intervals.


Course Map - My school's registrar website takes you on a wild goose chase to find the prerequisites needed for a course. I made this network map that show course dependencies so you can get your courses sorted out much quicker.

University Robotics Competition - I built a mars rover with 25 of my friends and we travelled to the Utah to drive it all over the desert, competing with other top universities. Being able to build something complex from scratch was really rewarding and I learned a lot about how much “real life” affects the way we write software. I helped out with wirelessly networking our base station to the rover, PCB design, writing embedded and control software, and electromechanical assembly of the rover. We placed 15th out of 95 universities.

Ryerson/Ontario Engineering Competition - In a group of 4 engineering students, we competed in the programming division of the annual school-wide engineering competition and placed first. We subsequently went to represent the school in the provincial competition, where we placed top 6. The competitions were very unique, requiring us write a detailed engineering report and ship a software demo to solve a moonshot problem - all within 5 hours.

P2Poll (BostonHacks F18) - I made a blockchain-based voting system. This idea and implementation won first place at BostonHacks and is the reason I have a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing.

DollaFin (Hack Western 5) - Remember that cookie clicker game? We decided to make one except ours teaches kids about finances while they play. Note: It is obnoxiously green because there was an award for the “most green” app and we took it VERY literally.

TwitchPlaysHackathon (IEEE UofT Hardware Hacks) - Modelled after the game TwitchPlaysPokemon, our little robot moves around from the commands of a live audience.

Academic Calculator - This was one of the first AngularJS applications I've ever made. It's mobile responsive and I think the UI looks great. You can calculate your marks with it and it also predicts your final marks based on how well you might do on the remaining assessments. It's also available as a cross platform desktop app in addition to the web version.

2017 and Before

Marshall - We built an adorable airplane marshalling prototype in a cardboard box using an Arduino and sensors. We made made a video about it, presented it to engineers at Thales Canada, and won first place in Canada! Winning this competition was the reason I got an interview for my first software engineering internship!

MEC - I Co-Chaired a faculty-wide Engineering Competition for over 3000 students, managing a self-raised budget of $5,000. My executive team of 6 and I raised sponsorship money through engineering companies in the GTHA and student unions, created unique challenges for each of the seven competition categories, and planned the entirety of the three day competition.